I'm not sure if you've noticed, but it's been a bit on the warm-ish lately.  The heat wave currently punishing the Ark-La-Tex has been absolutely brutal.  Yesterday, I was at Daiquiri Express in Shreve City - and this is waht I saw:

Brandon Michael - TSM

I realize I need to dust, but just look at the temperature!  If the real temperature is 108, what do you think it feels like?  Torture.  It feels like torture.  KTBS reported that yesterday we tied a 143 year old record.  Officially, the temperatures were recorded at 104 - as you can see, I respectfully disagree.  It felt much hotter.

The outrageous heat has prompted the National Weather Service to issue an Excessive Heat Warning for today, and will most likely be extending that through the weekend.  Daytime highs through Sunday are predicted to predicted to surpass 105 degrees, heat indexes soaring into the 110+ area.

Be careful if you have to do something outside this weekend - it doesn't take long to get too hot.  Take plenty of breaks, drink plenty of water, and get familiar with the warning signs of heat exhaustion and stroke.

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