Last night I caught up with some old friends over dinner. After discovering the delicious loaded potato that Real BBQ makes I am trying to find any excuse to go back. Now we have the perfect excuse to go back for lunch and dinner every day, Real BBQ is giving free meals to Federal Employees affected by the Government Shutdown. The owner of Real BBQ, Harvey Clay came by to check on our table. I mentioned to him that I had heard about what he was doing for federal employees that are going without pay. Mr.Clay's response was simple, "If you can't help people when they need help then when are you going to be able to help them?" According to Mr.Clay, he has had to make several runs to the store to get more ribs and make sure that they have enough food to feed federal employees who have been furloughed because of the government shutdown. Ericka, Mr.Clay's daughter said that they had over 60 federal employees go by for their free meal last Saturday. The invitation is open to all federal workers who have been without pay, Mr.Clay and his family want to make sure you go enjoy a meal on the house. If you are blessed enough to still have a job that is paying you, consider supporting a business who is out making a difference in our community.

Real BBQ and More is on the corner of Fairfield and Pierrmont Avenue in Shreveport. Let's support the beautiful family and all they do for our community!

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