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This homeowner says the rattle was all he needed to hear to know there was danger under the house.

When Ryan Cook, a wildlife removal expert, arrived on the call he received about a snake he had no idea of the size he was in store for.

This thing gets out from underneath the deck and it's pretty much the biggest rattlesnake, the biggest snake I've seen in Louisiana. Anything over 5 feet with a rattlesnake is considered a monster. This one was 5 foot 8 inches and has 13 rattles on it, so it's been around a good long time

Cook told WVUE it wasn't the first time he's encountered a rattlesnake in the New Orleans area and "more and more" he has been coming across rattlesnake activity—especially in the New Orleans East area near the abandoned Six Flags theme park.

Overgrown areas like the old Six Flags location coupled with the summer heat equates to more snake sightings by residents who live nearby. Earlier this week a fisherman found a huge snake in FEMA debris that will make anyone keep their property tidy.

Cook says in order to help avoid snakes making your yard their home, be sure to keep the grass cut short and debris from laying around the yard.

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