It's back! The time of the year where you sit at home because that fun date idea consisted of being outside and now the rain ruined date night. You already went to every movie you were interested in, a night at the movies isn't an option for you two.  Instead of both of you complaining about being stuck at home again, try out these simple date night ideas.

  1. Bowling- Those ugly bowling shoes will make your frizzy ponytail look great.
  2. Board Games with a Twist- Okay we aren't saying that strip Monopoly is a thing, but what about making a drinking game out of Twister? That can be a thing, right?
  3. Make THAT Recipe - You know that recipe that you could never get around to because it takes 2-4 hours and 87 ingredients. Guess what? A rainy night in, means you have the time to finally make it.
  4. Memory Lane Trip - Get take out, open up a cold one, and take out the photo albums, maybe a look back at the first vacation you took together. Or you can look through each other's High School Yearbooks. Keep in mind some feelings may be hurt, some haircuts should never come back in style.
  5. Go shopping - Go shop for things you can both do together, like make that liquor run together, get the perfect ingredients for the best dinner, and shop for a new fun game to play together.
  6. Sit Back & Enjoy - Check out local wineries or sit back and enjoy local music at your favorite brewery. Instead of having so many stops in one night make it a point to just go to one place, and sit back, take it in, and enjoy your company.

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