In a sure sign of our plastic surgery-obsessed times, the Quaker Oats man — who’s known as “Larry” for some reason — has been revamped to make him appear slightly slimmer and more youthful. But don’t worry — the oats themselves remain the same and are just as thick and gluey as you remember.

The beaming, rosy-checked mascot, who has adorned packages of Quaker Oats since 1877, now appears to have lost five pounds or so and even slightly trimmed his trademark white hair. According to parent company PepsiCo, Inc., the makeover is part of an effort to reinvigorate the 134-year-old brand and keep it “fresh and innovative.” (You couldn’t maybe update his wardrobe a bit, guys? That dickey and wide-brim hat is so 19th century.)

Designers at a Seattle firm hired by PepsiCo reduced Larry’s double chin, removed some of the plumpness from his face and neck and shortened his hair, revealing more of his shoulders and making his neck appear longer.

Can you see any other changes that were made to Larry in the photo above? Do you think he needed to be slimmed down to reflect our times? And, seriously, what about that wardrobe?

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