Back in 1980, President Jimmy Carter signed document at the White House in Washington proclaiming March 2-8 "National Women's History Week, and that led us to where we are now. President Donald Trump proclaimed March National Women's Month. Unfortunately I am no expert when it comes to telling you about all these genius women who have come before us and have changed the world. I can say one thing, most of them were stubborn and stopped at nothing to achieve what they set out to do. So surprise mom, I'm going to change the world, someday. Until then here are 5 ways to celebrate Women's History month.

1. Go get your annual. You can't change the world if you're not around. Make sure you are in tip top shape. Yeah we may waste a lot of time in the waiting room at our doctors office, but better safe than sorry!

2. Buy that new cute bra. Women didn't get this far without support. Sometimes you have to support yourself if ya know what I mean! Girl, treat yo self. A good support system is a must! The girls are in power!

3. Invite a lady you don't really know to coffee. Or a cocktail. Who cares, just schedule a hang out date. Women who empower other women are the most beautiful kind of women! How can you support her? How can you help her grow her business? Build an awesome network of beautiful powerful women around you!

4. Get that Pedi. You're  busy woman and every step is in the right direction. Figuratively and literally. Seriously, take pride in your boss attitude towards growing your business, family, career, whatever you may be working on GO FOR IT GIRL! However don't forget to stop and smell the roses, and take time for yourself. Treat yo self!

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