Remember that time that we all called our crazy friend to check on her after we heard a woman was banned from Walmart for life after she was caught riding a motorized scooter and drinking wine from a Pringles can? The Cup Artist, owned by Celeste Powers, been making cups and other crafts for over 4 years and selling her one of a kind cups on Etsy. Last year The Cup Artist started selling tumblers with images and they were inspired by a drunk lady who is now banned from Walmart. Powers decided to make some tumblers with the banned Walmart lady in mind. You can now buy a tumbler that looks like a Pringles can and it will keep your wine cold, with no Pringles crumbs in your wine. Powers told Fox 7 in Austin that she would be honored to gift a pringles tumbler to the woman who was banned from Walmart since she inspired the best selling item.

"We'd love to send her one if she's not too ashamed by her newfound fame," Powers told Fox 7 "Also, maybe she will just enjoy coffee in it on her next shopping adventure." Okay, "coffee" is always needed when you go shop at Walmart. You can shop for your pringle tumbler on The Cup Artist's Etsy Page. 

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