I haven't posted as much as I should lately. I apologize for that. I've not had my head with me...I haven't been even leaving the house on time, and usually have to make trips back for phone, keys, purse, etc.   It's been pretty crazy for us.

Last week, I asked for prayers as Emma went to St. Jude for her regular checkup. For the first time in 2 years, she didn't come home with good news. In fact, she and her dad are heading back up there in a few days to confirm that the doctors believe her tumor has gone from a Stage 1 to a Stage 4 in 3 months. This has devastated our family, of course. The course of treatment hasn't been decided yet. We will probably know by the end of next week if she and her dad will be living in Memphis for a while, or coming back home for treatment at LSUMC.

We haven't given up on her by any means. But, we realize that we, as humans, are helpless. All we can do is pray and love her. So, we have made a Facebook page for her. Please like it and share it. We have started a Pray for Emma movement and soon, you will hopefully see window stickers everywhere asking for prayers for her...even from those who aren't religious. We have teamed up with a company from a Shreveport native in Longview, TX named GEM Vinyl Graphics. They have designed and promptly made these Pray for Emma window stickers for us...working weekends and nights. We are so grateful for them. If you would like one, please let me  know either on my Facebook or on the Pray for Emma page. We will do our best to get some to you ASAP.

Thank you again for praying for this girl who is everything to us. This family has been through so much heartache but they still believe in miracles. She is not my blood daughter, her mother passed away 2 years ago. But, I love her like she's mine. She's healed my heart and now, we need her to be healed.

Lots of folks have been kind in offering donations. We don't want any money. We just want as many people as possible to pray for her. By putting a window sticker on your car, if one person says a prayer, that's one more that has been lifted up. That's all we want. Thank you all for being so supportive.

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