The chicken sandwich is back... This weekend.

Yes, this is not a drill, no, you aren’t dreaming. A few months back, which feels like an eternity, Popeyes took the world (and Shreveport) over with their mouth-watering chicken sandwich. Then, due to the insane demand, the chick delicacy was gone just as fast as it arrived. The lines in Shreveport were long at every single location, it was complete madness.

Considering the literal mountain of cash just sitting there waiting, every one knew it was just a matter of time before the infamous chick sandwich returned to a Popeyes near you. Now we have a date.

According to Popeyes’ Twitter account, the chicken sandwich will be available this Sunday. The video also includes a jab at their chicken rival, Chick-Fil-A.

In order to meet demands this go around, the chicken chain has hired 400 new employees, as well as stocked each location with enough ingredients to make sure the chicken sandwich will be around much longer than last time.

Check out the announcement below and get ready for the long lines to return this Sunday! Hey, at least the Saints are on their bye week, so you won’t miss much... Maybe this was by design?



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