Everything around us is covered in pollen and I mean everything... From your car to your patio to your pet... Your eyes are itchy and watery. Your nose is red from sneezing and your ears feel like they're going to burst. Yes, the monster is here, and it's called pollen season in the south.

I've been taking Sudafed PE for a month straight at least once a day in addition to my daily Zyrtec and an additional squirt or two of Flonase to try and get my sinuses to drain.

Last week I posted a video from the folks at It's a Southern Thing. It featured a southern pollen fix which basically turned you into the 'Bubble Boy' to escape your brain blowing out your nose from sneezing. This fun video comes in the form of a horror film trailer... let's face it... pollen could be one of the biggest horror villains of all time!

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