Let's be real, you wearing a mask all over town is far from ideal, so here are a few tips that you can take and practice on the daily in order to avoid being a blabbering mess much like I am right now. Allergies, you may be kicking my butt right now, but I'll be making a comeback very soon!

  1. Run your air conditioner recycled setting. Make sure your air filters are switched out as well. Your car ride shouldn't have you sneezing the whole way to your next destination.
  2. Take off your shoes when you get home. Don't track in all that pollen that your shoes picked up, leave all the pollen at your door.
  3. Wash off your pets paws. My dog and I will go out on long walks and we both come back groggy. Wipe your pet down after every potty break and walk. Their fur is like a magnet for pollen.
  4. Bennadryl early and often. Don't let the allergies hit you, instead be proactive. Avoid those allergy headaches all together by staying on top of your allergy medication.
  5. Wear sunglasses, are you hungover or are you avoiding getting pollen in your eyes? No one will ever know!
  6. Dust. Unfortunately for you and your entire home, fans and open windows just add to the pollen swinging past your face. Dust, mop, clean up and you can at least be happy that there is less pollen around the house.
  7. Shower at night. Before you jump in bed make sure you take a nice hot shower and rinse out any trace of pollen that can really ruin a good nights sleep for you.
  8. Neti Pot it up! Rinse out and make sure you soothe out those sinuses.

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