If it were up to me I wouldn't put up a Christmas tree. The trouble with living alone is no one else is there to help you put everything away. Luckily for me, I will be trapping my boyfriend into putting it all away. I expect him to have the same jolly attitude taking the tree down as he had when he was putting up the Christmas tree. Are you the kind of person who goes all out? Do you have a big beautiful fabulous Christmas tree with a whole lot of decorations throughout the house? Do you keep it simple with just a Christmas tree and hope that's enough to get the whole house feeling festive?

Granted the folks who spent days making sure everything made it up and was perfectly displayed for all the guests to see must have some kind of system in place. My system is more of throwing everything in a closet and forget about it until next year.

When do you take your Christmas decor down? Tell us why in the comments below!

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