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We've been hearing that the decade is coming to a close for a while now.  All of the standard "looking back on the last year" stories that we usually see in December have been transformed in to "looking back over the last 10 years" stories.  The thing is - you may have another 12 months to enjoy this decade.

According to a recent Yougov poll of over 13,000 people, only 64% of Americans believe that the new decade starts at 12:00:01 a.m. on January 1st of 2020.  A full 17% believe we will start the next 10 year block 12 months later - on January 1st of 2021.  

The argument is solid: There was no year zero.  Therefore, the first decade had to have been the year 1 though year 10.  Accordingly, the second decade must have started on year 11 and ended on the year 20.  If this logic holds true, the roaring twenties may start in less than 2 weeks - but, the new decade is a bit further away.


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