Is the upcoming New Year sparking the idea of a career change?

Well folks, we are approaching the end of the year. What's different about this year is that it's the end of a decade. Out with the 2010s and in with the 2020s. That's got me feeling super motivated as January 1 will essentially be a fresh state on steroids.

Have you been thinking of a job change?

The New Year is a popular time to switch things up in all aspects of life, but maybe your job just isn't doing it for you anymore. Maybe you've outgrown where you are or you're looking to increase your pay. Recently Market Watch created a list of the No. 1 Highest Paid, Most In-Demand Jobs in Every U.S. State for 2019.

Perhaps this could be the career move you'be been looking for.

In Louisiana, that job title is Software Developer. Based on 2019's numbers and predictions for the next four years, that position is expected to grow by 29 percent in the state. I've actually got a few family members that do this for a living and I feel as if they will never be without a job. Now, maybe it's out of your realm of expertise, but you can certainly take a few classes or study up on YouTube and find yourself well on your way.

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