At first, this looks like a video that we've seen far too often on social media, and the ending is never a pleasant one.

This video, on the other hand, has a very different ending.

According to, Daiwon McPherson didn't want to give his girlfriend a "basic" proposal. So instead of giving his girlfriend of five years a run-of-the-mill proposal, he decided to stage something big.

McPherson said his girlfriend, Shawna Blackmon, knows his "every move"—which makes it extra difficult to surprise her. He also knows NOT to propose unless she looks her best, so he planned on taking her out on a Friday night date.

She always told me when I proposed to make sure she looked nice. She just got her hair done... her nails done. Nobody will be expecting this tonight!

But when McPherson didn't meet his Blackmon for dinner and drinks that night, she knew something was wrong. She soon learned through members of her boyfriend's biking community that her premonitions were spot on.

Friday night is bike night, so when Blackmon got word that McPherson was being chased by Mobile Police and that he had a gun she immediately began to worry.

I thought he was going to jail

Blackmon knew that McPherson had already been in trouble for running from the police, so when she saw the blue lights upon arriving to the nearby gas station the scenario seemed all too real.

But when she approached police and her boyfriend, she got quite the surprise.

When Blackmon approached the officers and McPherson, she told police she was going to get her boyfriend's gun. After digging through his pockets, McPherson pulled out a ring box and proposed.

Blackmon said he she "had no idea" the proposal was coming. McPherson said he talked to police and made arrangements earlier that day and the cops were "all for it."

Police made sure the scene was safe by informing all other officers on duty before the fake call went out. Then, the two officers McPherson talked previously responded to the gas station scene.

Some people have criticized McPherson for exploiting a situation involving police shootings including those who support the Black Lives Matter movement. McPherson says his intentions weren't meant to be divisive.

The soon-to-be-husband said he wanted the proposal video to go viral for social media users to see a video of police working together with the community for a good cause.

McPherson couldn't even believe he pulled it off. His soon-to-be wife, Shawna cried so hard when she realized her boyfriend was proposing to her that she didn't get to see the ring until later, and according to an update she posted on social media—she said, "yes."

I appreciate the way he did it... here we are, ending the year engaged!

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