And the parents both tested positive for drugs. Surprise, surprise. The death of a two year old Orlando area toddler occurred in 2009. The parents' court trial begins this week. The mother and her boyfriend are charged with third degree murder, manslaughter and child neglect. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the couple could get 35 years each if found guilty.

Florida Python Death


The python, who had not eaten in one month, escaped its cage approximately 10 times in the same month that the strangulation death occurred. The snake escaped earlier in the night and was discovered by the mother's boyfriend, who placed the snake in an unsecured sack, that the snake later slithered out of, finding its way into the two year old's crib. The snake then strangled the child to death and was biting the toddler on the head when the boyfriend entered the room just before 10 am.

Python kills Sumter County child:


According to WTSP News the couple tested positive for drug use two months prior to the death of the two year old. After being investigated by the Department of Children and Families the toddlers mother, who was four months pregnant, tested positive for marijuana use. The boyfriend also tested positive for marijuana as well as oxycodone for which he had no prescription.




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