The internet is great at many things but it's really great at making people argue. Anyone with a web connection can spread their message making it seem like there's more than just themselves who believe it.

Recently there's been a story going around showing a "study" which shows people think Santa needs a re-branding of sorts. The survey showed 11% of people believed Santa should be female and 17% said Santa should be gender-neutral... The stories are now claiming "28 percent said they would like Santa to be 'rebranded' as female or gender-neutral." Needless to say this survey and these stories are very misleading!

The Survey was done by an Logo Design company and only included 400 participants which is no where near enough people to claim "this is how people think." There's probably people who believe Santa should be done differently but there's nothing showing almost 30% of people think this way.

Merry Christmas!

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