For the lucky thousands who got to see Paul McCartney perform at the CenturyLink Center, Sir Paul did not disappoint.

The show started a few minutes late (at about 8:15), but the former Beatle played for a solid 3 hours! He did many of the classic Beatles tunes including: Can’t Buy Me Love, Love Me Do, Blackbird, Eleanor Rigby, And I Love Her, and many more. He did tributes to John Lennon and George Harrison and even pulled out the ukulele to honor Harrison in singing "Something ".


At age 75, McCartney looks incredible and still commands a crowd. I could tell he struggles with his voice a little, especially while performing
Maybe I’m Amazed, but that didn't matter.

When you looked around the arena, you could see people singing, smiling and many were even crying when he performed a favorite tune.


Before coming out for his encore, the crowd joined him in singing Hey Jude. It was simply amazing. Another great surprise was the pyrotechnics during Live and Let Die.


For the encore, Paul kicked it off with Yesterday.
and wrapped it up with The End.
I'm not sure if I believe him, but McCartney told the crowd "I'll be back".

Here's his performance of "Jet".



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