To say that the National Anthem / NFL controversy is way out of hand would be a gigantic understatement.  In case you have been out of the loop, last weekend's NFL games featured more action before kickoff than after.  Teams were split between those that chose to stand for the National Anthem, and those used that time to protest by kneeling.  The argument rages on about 1st amendment rights to free speech, respect for our nation's flag, and weather or not it is legal to fire or punish those who kneel - with no real end in sight.

Now, the conundrum is about to hit much closer to home.  Sports Illustrated reports that Parkway High School principal Waylon Bates has entered in to the fray by sending a letter home with student-athletes that will have implications well beyond football.  The full letter is below, but it basically states that those students that choose to kneel or sit during the Star Spangled Banner will face repercussions that include "loss of playing time and/or participation."  Furthermore, if a student continues to protest - they may lose their ability to participate in extra-curricular activities all together.  You can see the full text of the letter below.

Back-up quarterback at The University North Carolina and Parkway graduate, Brandon Harris, tweeted his thoughts on the controversy brewing at his Alma Mater:

However you feel about this form of protesting, it will be an eventful weekend of football - regardless of the score.

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