My wife and I will soon celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary.  I remember the night I proposed like it was yesterday.  She worked for the Shreveport/Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau then and that's where I went to kidnap her from work. 

I blindfolded her and put her in my truck.  I knew she must trust me a lot since she didn't kick and call for the police.  I drove her to the pier at Cypress Lake where I walked her, still blindfolded, to the end of the pier out over the water and took to a knee.

Then I removed her blindfold.  I told her that I'd spoken with her parents and had her Dad's blessing and that I'd love for her to marry me.  I didn't give her the ring until we were back on dry ground because it was cold and I was scared I'd drop it in the lake.

It worked! 16 years later and she still regrets the decision, but she does tell me often that it was an incredible proposal.

Well, apparently most women feel the same about the day their man popped the question but according to a new poll, 21% of women who've been engaged say they were disappointed with the proposal and here are the top five reasons why.

  1. He didn't make the proposal "special."
  2. He didn't get down on one knee.
  3. He didn't get her parents' blessing beforehand.
  4. The ring didn't fit.
  5. He proposed without a ring.

Also, 45% of women said they would have been willing to fork over some of their own money to pay for a better ring, while 7% said they actually did that.

So guys, if you're planning to pop the big question here around Valentine's Day, ask Mom and Dad, make it special, take a knee and give her the ring.  And make sure it fits and that it's a whopper!