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Krystal Montez

Who was your Valentine last year? Are they still around? Or did they jump ship right before the holidays and leave you with a "New Year new me" mentality?

If you have a dog, you have your ride or die. When is the last time someone peed themselves because they were so excited to see you? Exactly, It's time we quit overlooking our best friends and start giving them the love and the Valentine's Day presents that they deserve.

My dog Olive LOVES when I get home and I am telling you she is the best reason to come home. I love spoiling her, so much that she knows what a TJ Maxx bag is because that's where 90% of her toys come from. Seriously, she goes through my TJ Maxx bags until she finds her toy. If you want your love to be reciprocated this Valentine's Day, choose your dog as your Valentine.

Here are some things you can buy your pup to show them they are loved: