Tomorrow is the big day. More like a day packed with disappointment for several women out there who know their man forgot all about them on the day of love. You know the feeling right? Does everyone get flowers sent to work except you? Ladies, have you ever considered that maybe we should be the ones to step up our game on Valentine's day? Carter, my co-worker, is upset that men don't get enough attention on Valentine's Day. I wanted to fix that. Women, we should shower our men with love. So I came up with a unique way to celebrate love and it will only put you out 50 bucks. I took to my Facebook page with my sexy, seducing and totally redneck idea.

"Since Carter Breeze complained about men not getting anything: Valentine’s Day flash sale! Ladies, for $50 I’ll show up to your man's job dressed a 10 with a 6 pack in hand and my boom box blaring Shania’s “You’re Still the One”. Keep scrolling if you don’t love and appreciate your man. Venmo me if you want to keep the romance alive.

 #ValentinesDay #valentine #romance #redneckgram "

Unfortunately, no woman out there is willing to pay me to lay the groundwork down for a romantic evening. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for your man on Valentine's Day ladies? I am taking your suggestions, let's share the best ideas with each other and step our game up this year in the romance department!

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