We all have a soft spot for pups right? Especially during the holidays. Wouldn't it be perfect to welcome a precious pup into your home this time of year? Especially one who has been housed in a shelter for over a year. If you're trying to add a new pup to your household, we suggest this 60-pound ball of cuddle that is Grover.

According to the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, Grover has been on a desperate search for a home for well over a year now and for some reason, unbeknownst to anyone who volunteers, Grover has still not found his forever home.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana
Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

What we do know about Grover is that he is a Boxer is that weighs 60 pounds, he is around 7 years old, and is good with just about any other dog out there. Grover is a cuddler, so if allowing a thick boy into your bed for cuddles isn't what you want, Grover isn't for you. Grover just wants to be appreciated.

Mister Cuddle Bug is up to date on vaccinations, he is neutered and microchipped. He just finished heartworm treatment and is now on prevention medication. His adoption fee is only $175. You mean to tell me we can pay $175 for unlimited cuddles? Count us in.

Let's give Grover a home for the Holidays! Tag someone who is looking for a cuddle buddy. Click here to apply to adopt Grover.

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