American Idol is returning March 11th and they're making a lot of changes now that it's going to be on ABC and not Fox. Probably the biggest change to Idol is they're skipping the audition shows where they show the people who didn't make the show... Some might call them the idol fails. Honestly that was one of my favorite parts of idol! So we've put together a list of some of our favorite auditions that didn't make it through to Hollywood.

We have to start this list with my personal favorite William Hung! William was so popular that he later released a full album with a dvd and poster... I know because I bought it!

James Lewis from season 7 was just a little off but you got to give it to him he has a lot of confidence..

Not everyone just sang sometimes people like Keith Beukelaer were also known for their dance moves..

I felt bad for this last one I'll never forget his audition because Neil might not be a good singer he was very charming and had an amazing vest..

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