The Internet can be a cold and inhuman place. A lot of social media sites and email services don’t let you have a full name. They stick with you half or even a third of your name and a bunch of numbers, making your moniker sound like some cold prison number.

Cheesegod69 has tried to rectify this in some part by getting the world to get to know all of the Kevins on Twitter.

The Twitterer, who only identifies himself as “Matt,” has been posting a “Follow Friday” update on his account that includes 10 to 12 people named Kevin. He said for reasons that escape even him, he just decided to start doing it one Friday and he’s kept up with it ever since.

Back a few months ago on a Friday, my timeline was filled with the Follow Friday (#ff) hashtag. So I decided to do one of my own but, for reasons I don’t remember, posted a tweet to ‘Follow the Kevins,’ then I did an entire #ff tweet of Kevins, starting with @kevin1 and ending with @kevin16.

His weekly ritual has become so popular that he gets reminders to post a “Follow Kevin Friday” if he forgets. So if you’re a Kevin, just hang tight and he’ll eventually get around to promoting you. We suggest giving him a couple of decades to get caught up.

[via Gawker]

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