This evening, Steve Carell gave a two-word gift to Office fans around the world.

If you're a fan of The Office like me, chances are you follow a handful of the stars from one of the greatest TV shows ever created. I follow pretty much all of them, just because you never know when the actors or actresses will post something Office-related and hit you right in the feels.

It's always special when the big dog, Steve Carell gets in on the action. Tonight, he did just that, with a two-word tweet that instantly went viral. Playing off the insane craze surrounding tonight's documentary on Michael Jordan airing on ESPN, ESPN's 30for30 paid homage to another basketball legend.

That legend would be none other than Michael Scott himself.

30for30 tweeted out a short promo-video centered around the greatest basketball player in the history of Scranton, PA.

Steve Carell responded to the tweet in the most perfect and satisfying way.




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