Aaryn Whitley is the Twitter hero we did not know we needed. Ladies, look down at your wrists. Do you have a freckle in the center of your wrist? If so, don't freak out, you're like a bunch of Twitter users out there. How did we find out that a bunch of ladies are sharing the same freckle?

Aaryn Whitley tweeted out a series of 4 different photos of her and her friends who all have this magical freckle. Aaryn took to her Twitter to ask, "Ladies... u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao." Since then her tweet has gone viral and as of now, over 8,000 women have responded saying that they do have a freckle in that same spot.

Unfortunately, I am not able to brag that I have the magical freckle. I kind of feel left out right now, but it's nothing that a Sharpie can't fix. Feel free to send us your magical freckle photo!

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