What dish would you choose to represent all of Louisiana?

One dish to rule them all. It's a lot of pressure to pick just one dish that represents an entire state. However, that is the mission of Flavored Nation this October as they put on their first-ever Flavored Nation - A Taste of Every State food festival in St. Louis. For two days (Oct. 28-29), guests will be able to taste food from all across the country. One dish for each state.

What dish would you choose for Louisiana?

How about shrimp gumbo? Yep. That's the dish that Flavored Nation have designated as the dish of Louisiana. It's on every menu around the state and it also features "various elements from the multiple cultures that make up the state." The website also says that there are French, German, Spanish and even West African pieces that put together the gumbo puzzle.

Did they get it right?

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