Let's face it.  Most people would rather text than talk, but even though we'd rather actually get a phone call from you, Kiss Country has now made it possible for you to message us while we're on the air.

Maybe the phone is busy or you just don't want to call, you can now message us with your thoughts on the discussions of the day or just to say hi or make a phone request.

We still need you to call when we're contesting like with Ticket Trivia or The Secret Sound, but we'll soon have some ways you can win with the new Messaging on the Kiss Country App, just like we do from time to time on our Kiss Country Facebook page.

Oh, and guess what.  It's ABSOLUTELY FREE.  If you haven't downloaded the FREE Kiss Country App you'll want to do that now and just make sure that you enable the Alerts so that you won't miss our response when we write back.

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