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Have you heard about the new HearHere app? Think of it as a virtual tour guide on your phone. It's co-founder Kevin Costner's new road trip app and it'll send you a notification if you travel through an area they serve and give you the option to hear a celebrity inform and entertain you about the locale. Check it out...

Now you know it's going to be a hot minute before they cover any area in Louisiana other than New Orleans. So we got thinking, what would it sound like if we had HearHere in Haughton? Take a listen!

Welcome to Haughton, Louisiana, or as some might say God’s country… Home of the great Dak Prescott when the Cowboys are doing good, Myron Baker and the late great Joe Delaney, a true American Hero. Yep, football is pretty important to us, especially when we’re playing Parkway or Minden, depending on your generation… We even go so far as to chug milk to the point of getting sick to show our Buccaneer pride!

Now some might say we’re just a simple little country town, but I’ll have you know, we had a Walmart at one point. Benton can’t say that… Heck, we’ve even got ourselves TWO Sonics, TWO Trejos, and a Nickys with real margaritas with your chips and salsa. That’s right, we’re moving up in the world.

While you’re visiting, make sure you check out our little wildlife museum. We’ve got CULTURE here in ole’ Haughton. Why it’s even got a gift shop! We’re even a part of that whole clean eating movement with Mahaffey Farms taking over the old Eastwood. We’re downright PROGRESSIVE! We even got some of those fancy neighborhoods like Forest Hills and Dogwood South, otherwise known as the land of a million golf carts.

Yep, life sure is pretty good here in Haughton. If you can’t get it at the Pilot or the Family Dollar, you really don’t need it. Our schools are good, the PTA is strong and our stands and pews are always packed. Y’all come back and see us, ya hear?

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