Recently I read a story about how devasted a woman was after she realized that she wasn't, in fact, talking to Dierks Bently over Twitter and exchanging text messages with the country hitmaker. The woman in South Carolina told police that her sister sent $160,000 in cashier’s checks and gift cards to who she thought was Dierks Bentley. The scammer met the woman on Twitter and coaxed her out of a ridiculous amount of money. The incident is now being investigated by federal authorities and we hope the imposters get caught. I have had several fake accounts follow me on Instagram and Facebook, and while many of these fake social media accounts seem real, I always look for the blue checkmark.

Not long ago I had a listener get upset with me when I informed them that they weren't talking to their favorite artist. While most of your favorite artists may retweet you, or like your tweets none of these artists will ever ask you for gifts. I had a listener tell me about getting several harassing messages from "Chase Rice", and just one look at that account, you can tell it's a fake account. Many scammers wait to see who's posts you like or follow if they think you're a fan and an easy target they'll find a way to try and scam you. Don't fall prey to these scammers, ALWAYS check for a blue checkmark. We promise that your favorite artist won't contact you asking for $500 worth of gift cards or money orders. Don't believe us? Just check out the video below!

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