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The question of when couples should combine their money seems like it might be one of those timeless questions, but it's a fairly recent development when you take the entire history of man into consideration.  Especially if you take into account that folks started coupling up in the earliest days of history for a number of reasons, but chiefly among them was this:  It's easier to survive together.

In the modern age, that's becoming decreasingly less important when you consider who you want your significant other to be.  Not to say self-sufficiency isn't an extremely attractive facet in a potential mate.  In fact, more and more couples are choosing not to combine finances at all - so it may be more attractive than ever!

The financial experts at the Balance tackled this tricky subject, and they suggest that you wait until after the nuptials in order to protect yourself.  This is especially tricky in today's day and age where more and more couples are making huge financial decisions together before they say "I Do."  I'm talking about major moves, like where they invest their money, buying houses, starting a business, etc.

If you aren't looking at ways to protect yourself, you may be stepping into a very dangerous arena.  Luckily, there are many financial and legal ways to do this other than a pre-nup.  Check out the various legal protections outlined here to protect yourself in life and love.

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