Nike is known for hiring some of the biggest names in sports for their commercials. It's no surprise to see super fit, super tan, super fabulous looking athletes sweating and making it look easy during a Nike commercial. However, that is not what you'll see in this commercial.

Nike Greatness

Nike's latest commercial takes a complete left turn. There's a real, not super fit, not super skinny kid. He's running and it looks like hard, uncomfortable work. It is real! It is inspiring! It made me want to run with this kid! The hard working fella in this commercial is 12 year old Nathan from London, Ohio.

GOOD JOB NIKE!! I'm heading out right now to buy a new pair of Nike running shoes and I'm gonna jog all the way to Ohio to log some miles with Nathan. . . .okay, maybe I'm a little over-inspired. Regardless, the advertising folks really got it right this time. They are finally relating to real people. And I LOVE IT!


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