I have been on a crazy health journey, in fact, today marks day 67 of consecutively working out. I mean it when I say I have not missed one single day of working out. Yup, I am still shocked when it comes to my dedication. The truth is I have some way too far to fail now. Almost half of my workouts have been done at home. Do they get easier? Absolutely not. Working out from home is less than ideal.

Last year we got a lot of advice on how to pull off workouts at home. I loved an article that The New York Post did where they caught up with some personal trainers and they dished out some tips for people who wanted to start working out at home while they were self-isolating. I have actually taken a lot of these tips and implemented them during my 75 Hard journey.

Last year was a whole lot of funk. For many of us, our homes became our offices. I know that I am not the only one who packed on the weight during the pandemic lockdown. If it wasn't for my dear friend Mary Catherine influencing me to get to the gym daily I don't know if I could have the guts to walk into a gym.

What happens if you're not ready to go back to the gym? You can work out at home and get mentally ready to tackle the gym when you're ready. Remember that you get to work out at your own pace, don't treat it as a race, it's all a marathon. Also, a brisk walk outside will boost your mood instantly.

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Check out these helpful tips that have helped me workout at home:

Clear some space. First, you'll have to clean up all the clutter. This gives you room to move and you also need to make sure there's nothing you'll hit or accidentally trip on.

Open a window. Not just because of the smell that is about to take over, it gets your blood flowing. It can also help change your mindset.

Wear good shoes. Yes, things like yoga are okay barefoot. However, this isn't an excuse to wear slippers to workout in. Make sure you wear the workout shoes you normally wear to the gym. I always dress like I am headed to the gym if I am about to work out.

You don't have to do it all at once. Did you know that mini-workouts can be just as good as one big one? I do two different 45-minute workouts per day. It's what works for me. Fit in the workout where you can.

Go easy on yourself. Don't forget the importance of stretching and don't overdo it. One of the biggest mistakes people make is doing too much too soon. Being sore for an entire week is no fun.

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