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Add another business to the long list of those that have bitten the dust during the Coronavirus pandemic crisis.  This morning, Plex Fitness located at 2015 Meriwether Road in Shreveport announced that they would be closing their doors permanently.  The gym has been a fixture in the Shreveport health and fitness scene for 36 years, but according to the post by owner Ken Meeks - the effects of the government mandated shut-down was too much for Plex to survive.

The fitness center opened on July 1, 1984 - and has helped thousands of folks improve their health through classes, a full gym, indoor pool, nutrition shop, personal trainers and more.  Even though we are on the precipice of businesses like Plex getting the go-ahead to once again allow customers through their doors - Meeks says that the "governmental guidelines are too demanding."

The guidelines Ken is referring to are the new rules for operating a business during what is called "Phase 1," or the first step in restarting the frozen economy in Louisiana.  These phases have been derived from the federal guidelines handed down by the White House on April 16th.  These guidelines suggested that each phase last 2 weeks, so that at the end of 6 weeks we could return to "normal."  Louisiana's plan has been modified to reflect the greater than average infection numbers in our state.  Currently, our "Phase 1" is slated to last 21 days.

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