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Seems like the clock is ticking on Cancel Culture.

The idea of "canceling" people has definitely run its course. But for those just learning about it for the first time, the basic idea is that if you say anything the offends even one person, you have to be "cancelled". Which means that if you are "cancelled" the mob behind cancel culture must try to end your career. That could mean protesting your movies, your sports team, your job, or attacking your sponsors and supporters.

There is often confusion between cancel culture and consequence culture. Consequence culture is reality, where if you break a law, you face consequences. Defenders of cancel culture will often try to add people like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, or R. Kelly into cancel culture. But those men broke laws, and faced consequences, not cancellation.

There have been so many celebrities cancelled by the social media mob that it's hard to keep up. The list of celebrities who haven't been cancelled might actually be shorter. Here's a look at some of the hits from the cancel culture mob: Matt Damon, Justin Timberlake, Ric Flair, Ellen DeGeneres, Johnny Depp (but not his ex-wife Amber Heard for the same conduct), The Chicks (formerly the Dixie Chicks), Jeopardy host for a minute Mike Richards, Dave Chappelle, Kirstie Alley, Old Disney cartoons, Bryan Adams, Chris Pratt, Joe Rogan(for the 50th time), Chrissy Teigen, Dr. Seuss, Demi Lovato, Gina Carano, Pepé Le Pew,  Armie Hammer, Mrs. Butterworth,  Eminem (for the 1,000th time), plus a ton more.

Cancel culture has had its detractors in the past. The creators of South Park have taken it head on, Dave Chappelle has gone after the culture, and many political figures have addressed this toxic behavior as well. But now we're seeing something else happening. We're starting to more "mainstream" stars coming after cancel culture. Classic stars like Joan Collins and Billy Crystal have spoken against cancel culture. Emmy/Grammy/Golden Globe winner Donald Glover also posted his issues with the culture on social media. Comedians Chris Rock, Jon Lovitz, Whoopi Goldberg, and David Spade have all taken shots at cancel culture as well.

But now we have possibly the most mainstream voice against cancel culture to date. Three time NFL MVP and Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers.

Rodgers was on the Pat McAfee show Tuesday and blasted cancel culture multiple times. The most direct quote was:

"There’s a P.C. woke culture that exists and there’s a cancel culture at the same time and it’s based on people’s own feelings of maybe person miserability [sic] or just distaste for their own situations in life or just there enjoyment of holding people down underneath their thumb."

You can see Rodgers get into the first jabs against cancel culture here.

Rodgers brought it up multiple times through the course of the interview. You can see the whole conversation here.

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