The box office gets a jolt this week, with a pair of action thrillers making their debuts.  The Rock is back in theaters as “Hercules”.  The former WWE star is taking on Scarlett Johansson in “Lucy” .

Lucy (R)  Scarlett Johansson is kidnapped and forced to act as a drug mule, carrying a powerful synthetic drug inside her body which suddenly leak into her system unlocking her brain's capacity to operate on a higher level than any other human.  As she develops increased intelligence, and powers like telepathy and telekinesis, she turns to Morgan Freeman to help her figure out where her abilities might lead . . . all while being chased by killers who want to extract their drugs from her body.

Hercules (PG-13) The Rock stars as Hercules.  The difference between this movie and the Kellan Lutz movie from earlier this year is this one takes place later in Hercules' life.  It covers his legendary 12 Labors and has him fighting in a war to return John Hurt to his throne.


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