Louisiana Strong. Louisiana Resilient. Louisiana takes care of their own.

There have been so many incredible stories that have emerged from the flooding in south Louisiana. As the waters begin to recede, more work is needed to help rebuild our state. The high waters could not have come at a worse time. Not like there is ever a good time, but we're in an election year and the Olympics were happening at the same time.

This meant zero coverage for our brothers and sisters down south.

I'm just now learning about another inspiring story from Lafayette, Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. During this historic flood, rescue teams were limited and quite frankly could not help everyone. No one could have expected the flood to be this bad. That's when Louisiana did what it does best. They stood up and helped one another. Many civilians volunteered to take boats into flooded neighborhoods rescuing families, pets, and more.

They have been deemed the Cajun Navy.

I've pulled a few pictures from Twitter and Instagram that prove how phenomenal our state is.

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