Recently I heard someone say “Never trust someone who doesn’t like animals! Everyone knows that.” I’ve never heard someone justify a breakup because someone didn’t like animals. My boyfriend didn’t care for my dog in the beginning. My dog Olive didn’t care for him either. She wasn’t a fan of my attention shifting and my boyfriend didn’t like that I take Olive everywhere. It took them awhile but now they’re cuddle buddies. I don’t think that I could ever date someone who hates dogs. There are many people out there who have their hard no's for dating. I didn't know people used the "Never trust a person who" filter before deciding if they want to keep dating someone. I don’t remember my close friends ever having a “never trust someone who” motto, but apparently a lot of folks in the SBC have some they live by.

Here is a list of what we compiled both on air and on Facebook. Don’t see yours? Post it in the comments below!

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