Well, it's true, there's a National Boyfriend Day! October 3rd means two things. "I'm Sorry for what I said, I was hangry!" and "I appreciate you, even though I forgot to write a long mushy post about you on Facebook". This past weekend was the perfect reminder that I indeed found a saint of a man who puts up with my crap on the daily. He dealt with my crazy hormones with patience. Maybe he knows he can shut me up and subdue the crazy woman hiding inside of me with pizza and chocolate. Somehow, us women have found, and successfully trapped men who put up with our Starbucks fueled TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Target and World Market shopping days. We find men who we force to hold our purses while we go try on the sweater we have to have, and then walk out defeated because it was two sizes too small. Somehow their "Ah that sweater was ugly anyway." comment consoles us and the extra 10 pounds we found during the cheat meals that lasted all year. Our dog ends up choosing them over us, the ultimate form of betrayal. Maybe both the dog and the boyfriend realize they need a support system with the one human they have in common.

Tomorrow is my reminder to be grateful that I found a man who's father taught him how to endure and put up with a woman like me. Tomorrow in honor of National Boyfriend Day I'm going to let me boyfriend pick where we are going to dinner. "Except that place, oh and that one, no, not that one, why don't we just order pizza instead?" Do you have a boyfriend you'd like to shine the light on? Tell us why your boyfriend is the best, besides putting up with you of course! Comment below.

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