Tuesday's NASCAR Driver of the Day was Dale Jr. Jr is the most popular driver in Nascar, having won the Most Popular Driver Award 9 times.Dale is having perhaps his best season to date, he is currently 2nd in the Sprint Cup Series points standings.  He made headlines a few weeks ago when he won the Quicken Loans 400, famously breaking his 143 race winless streak.

Jr is of course the son of perhaps the sport's most famous and popular driver of all time.  Jr isn't' married and has no children... but he sure has a good lookin' girlfriend.  They shared an on camera smooch after his latest victory.  This, after all, is Kiss Country... so let's see it! (fast forward to the 6:55 mark)

Jr's popularity has thrust him into mainstream culture, he has worked in film, television and even host's his own radio show. Check him out in the Trace Adkins video for "Rough and Ready."

Dale was involved in a scary crash in 2003 in which he was engulfed in flames. He would later say in an interview that he felt the presence of perhaps his father, pulling him from the blazing Corvette.

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