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Every night taps can be heard playing throughout south Benton around 10pm but until now no one knew where it was coming from. Doug Warner from KSLA found the source behind the music... St. Jude Catholic Church.

Mike Wise, a deacon at St. Jude Catholic Church says the music is coming from their bell tower which is set to a computer to play music hourly. They enjoyed how TV Stations used to play a jingle every night before signing off and since they didn't want to play music during the night the idea of a sign off seemed the perfect fit.

Mike Wise told KSLA "The computer system gives you a list of songs, patriotic songs. It showed one that is called 'The Last Post', I played it and listened to it, and I thought, 'That is beautiful'."

Later they switched it to Taps which is where it is set now. For the Full Story and to hear the music CLICK HERE!


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