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The holiday shopping season is officially upon us, and whether your family celebrates Happy Honda Days or Toyotathon, everyone is looking for gift ideas.

Some family members are easy to shop for. Like the overly controlling family member who tells you exactly what they want, and usually sends you the link to where to buy it from. Or the turbo fan of a specific band or sports team who you can just buy an on-brand shirt or hat for, and call it a day. But not everyone is that easy.

However, if you have a horror movie fan, or paranormal junky on your holiday shopping list, we could shift another name into your "easy to buy for" column.

Have you ever heard of a "mystery box"? Its a collection of products, usually associated with a specific brand/fandom/genere, boxed together and shipped out to fans. These boxes can generally be purchased one at a time, or on a subscription basis. You may have heard of a brand like Loot Crate, or maybe a Marvel or Disney collectors subscription box in the past, but they're not limited to those specific fandoms. In fact, there are plenty of horror and paranormal based mystery boxes out there too.

One of these boxes, or a subscription to one of them, would make a great gift for the spooky fan on your holiday shopping list. Here are some of the boxes you could use this holiday season:


From the company LootCrate, you can get a horror-themed version of their popular mystery boxes. Which will be filled with t-shirts, books, and collectibles all based in the horror genere. You can check them out here.

The Bam Horror Box

This might be one of the best mystery boxes we could find for horror fans. The biggest thing about the Bam boxes is the celebrity autograph. Each box comes with an authenticated autograph from a horror-themed star. Some have been on Funko Pop figures, others on prop weapons, and some have even been dual autographs. But you're also going to find other items included as well, including comics, art prints, pins, and more. Check out the Bam Horror Box here.


ParaBox comes with a sweet shirt every month centered around ghost hunting, UFO encounters, urban legends, and more. Not only that, each box will contain a mystery and clues to help solve it. You can find out more right here.

Horror Pack

This is perfect for the horror movie junkie on your list. Horror Pack sends out horror movies on DVD or Blu Ray (you get to pick format when you order) each month. Each pack contains at least 4 movies, and is a great way to either catch up on things you may have missed, or to start your massive horror movie collection. Learn more about Horror Pack here.

Creepy Crate

Creepy Crate is a more of a mixed bag than some of the others on the list. Everything will be horror-oriented, but you're going to get a mix of items. Books, buttons, socks, coffee mugs, toys, keychains, and more will be found inside these bad boys. You can see everything inside Creepy Crates here.

FX Crate 

This one is a little more specific than most of this list. Not only is this for a horror fan, but it's for someone who is into special effects makeup. Because each of the FX Crate boxes will be full of special effects makeup and prosthetics. So be sure you know if this is right for the person you're buying for. You can learn more about FX Crate here.

Cryptid Crate

The Cryptid Crate is a fun urban legend style box that can be filled with a lot of different items. You can find shirts, wall art, socks, collectibles, hats, books, and movies all featuring cryptids, ghosts, aliens, and more. You can learn more about Cryptid Crate here.


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