I have started my Yes Challenge. Unlike many people, I am only committing to a week of yes, not a month or a year because let's face it, my budget can't handle that. I have always heard of people saying "I am going to start saying 'Yes' to more and seeing where it takes me." I have thought that I would put more planning into this week of "yes" but the truth is I didn't. So far saying "yes" to everything reminds me why I say "Can I get back to you on that?" to everyone around me. I am convinced the women who say "My year of saying Yes was the most beautiful year ever" have husbands or parents who finance their year of Yes. Yesterday I spent way more than I should have and didn't have my rewarding lazy Sunday at home as I planned. Even though I am only two days into this "Yes" ordeal, I now understand how the internet famous Grumpy Cat feels.

I normally say "No" to going out to dinner during the week because it adds up and I get out of work so late it makes for a long day away from home. Tonight I am going out to dinner with friends and I hope I can make it home with enough time to take my dogs out on a walk. I realize my weekdays have become monotonous. As I type this I realize I sound like such an old lady. I will update you on Friday with how my week of "yes" is going. I imagine I will be very exhausted and ready for my week of "Yes" to come to an end! Have you ever tried the Yes Challenge? Tell me about your experience!

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