This is 'Neal' aka Neal the Real Deal. He's the reigning senior citizen at my farm and Neal doesn't like waiting to be fed![/caption]

Don't let his blonde hair fool you... (BTW, his color is called palomino) He likes to play 'dumb' sometimes, but Neal shows that he's still spry at 24-years-old. If you're a horse and you're ready for your dinner and you're sick of waiting your turn to come into the barn, what do you do? Just go ahead and let yourself in and force the issue. And that's exactly what Neal did!

I sure do love this sweet old man. He's sweet as can be and does the best he can with all of his arthritis from being kicked in the knee by another horse before he came to us.

He's done this before and I thought it was adorable, but this is the first time I've caught it on video. It's like waiting for a pot of water to boil! Notice how he's licking his lips on the way in. He's HUNGRY!

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