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So you have a horse girl in your life and feel like you've already bought everything under the sun for her related to all things horse... but she still wants more. I'm here to help! As a horse lover and equestrian myself, I promise you, there's always something new we have our eye on to either dress the part, decorate our home or completely spoil our horse!

I must warn you that a lot of these items are cheap. There's a reason for that. Horses are EXPENSIVE!!! But trust me on this, you can NEVER have too much horse stuff!

Now don't choke out on the price of these boots. They were originally made famous by Kate Middleton and other royals, but these boots live up to the hype. Not only are they fashionable, they're waterproof. I've had mine for YEARS and they haven't sprung a leak yet. Plus, they're crazy comfortable!

You can NEVER have too many saddle pads.

Safety first!

Kelly Herd equestrian jewelry is the bomb!

I have this bag. It's the perfect size and I use it all the time!

Don't forget to spoil the horse girl AND the horse! My horses go crazy over these treats!

There's nothing like a good quality grooming set and Oster is my personal favorite!

If it's about horses, we'll read it, and the Cat in the Hat is classic!

I look like I've been run over by a truck after having been in a wind tunnel when I'm done riding. But invariably, I have to make a stop before heading home. That's where this awesome cap comes in. It explains things AND covers up our ridiculous do!

Hands down, the best stand-alone equestrian book out today... I say stand alone because I also love The Dressage Chronicles, all of the Black Stallion books, Black Beauty, etc...

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