It's hard to believe, but within just a few weeks of winning the whole enchilada, the CHL President's Cup, our Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs have tossed in the towel and will not return.  Owner Tommy Scott, who, in my opinion, really did everything he could professionally and personally to save the team, announced earlier today that the team will not be back.  According to Scott, “When it comes down to it, it costs more than I can afford to do and the area can afford to do or is willing to do.”   Scott was given a deadline of Friday morning to commit to next season by the CHL and with that in mind, he set of a goal of selling 2,500 season tickets by Friday but as of late today, had only sold about 1,100.  According to Scott, who purchased the team with his wife 2 years ago, he was losing nearly a million dollars a year.  So that's it.  No more of our famous Mudbug chants, taunting opposing goalies "It's all your fault" more Puck Heads, no more Kiss Cam, the all out's all over.  But no one can ever take away our memories...and our Mudbugs provided plenty of those.  Thank you guys!  We're forever in your debt!

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