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I've always believed that we magically find whatever it is that we're looking for. If you're looking for trouble, it's really not the hard to find. And if you're looking for the things we're doing right here in the good old USA, it's not hard to find that either.

Just watching these babies beaming with pride as they belt out the Pledge of Allegiance reminds us that we're still the greatest country on Earth! And the best news is that they are our future! And from here, that future is looking bright!

They are Mrs. Williams' third grade at Platt Elementary School and though I'm sure they don't care much about having to wear their masks, you can certainly tell they are proud to be Americans!

We are hoping (and so are the kids) that you'll take a second to watch them as they lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance!

Make sure you join us each morning at 6:45 for a new Kiss Class of the Day to be featured with the Pledge!

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