Shreveport Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris needs your help in a national competition. He is in the running to be named Mr. Health and Fitness by Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

Kendrick Farris
Kendrick Farris

The 3-time Olympian is competing against fitness specialists from around the nation for this big honor and the $20,000 grand prize which also includes being featured in the magazine.

Farris runs Bless the Gym and is a coach for youngsters and any others who want to be a better version on themselves. His goal is to open the door to fitness to as many people as possible.

Farris tells KEEL News he is hopeful to get the word out to the local community to cast a vote for him in the contest. He also tells KTAL “I know a lot of times when people hear about fitness, a lot of times they get a turn off and they feel like ‘I don’t know if I can do that,'” said Farris. “I’m one of the people, I would really like to make it practical. Being from here [Shreveport], I understand the lifestyle that’s here and I just want to do my part in making sure it’s accessible to everyone.”

Farris is famously a vegan and was featured alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lewis Hamilton and many other elite athletes in the documentary Game Changers. This film follows those who believe diet is the secret to long term health.

Farris tells KEEL voting in this competition started on May 1. He plans to use the money to organize more fitness camps for children and parents. You can click here to vote each day for free, but you can make a donation to Wounded Warriors and cast more votes. Voting for the top 20  ends Thursday May 11 at 9pm.

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