From Shreveport to Canton and Mt. Enterprise to Mt. Pleasant - thousands of residents in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas are without power tonight.  On top of that - the ever-critical 911 system is down for some of those affected as well, according to the Ark-La-Tex Homepage.

According to the report, only a few people in Shreveport have been affected by the blackout - but tens of thousands of residents in East Texas are without power right now. The power outage is affecting customers of Swepco, Oncor, Wood County, and Cherokee County Elelctric Companies.

The bad news is worse for folks living in the city of Jacksonville and Van Zandt County as their 911 emergency systems are down.  The alternate emergency numbers for each area are below:

  • Jacksonville Police Department – (903) 586-2546.
  • Van Zandt County Sheriff – (903) 567-4133, then choose option 0

Unfortunately, the cause of this issue is unknown.  Consequently, so is the time for repairing the issue and getting critical systems - including air conditioning units, up and running.


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